the hygienic touch-free
door system

low profile tissue dispenser
with built-in trash receptacle

Benefits of the Safe-Touch System

The Safe-Touch System provides a hygienic way to open a bathroom door without touching the door handle and eliminates the need for an unsightly and ill-fitting trash can next to the bathroom door.

Cleaner Hands

Cleaner Hands

Cleaner Room

Cleaner Room

Two in One


Space Saving

Space Saving

Safe-Touch System tissue dispenser and built-in trash receptacle.

The Safe-Touch System tissue dispenser with built-in trash receptacle provides a convenient, touch-free exit making it a desirable amenity for any public restroom.

Improve Public Hygiene

Users avoid touching the door handle after washing their hands, thus reducing the chance of spreading germs.

Provide Peace of Mind

In the midst of COVID-19, users can feel safer and have peace of mind using public spaces with a no-touch exit.

Improve Restroom Appearance

The sleek, space-saving design eliminates the need for an ill-fitting trash can next to the door.

Reduce Paper Waste Volume

The tissues are 4.4” x 8.4” single ply, which creates less waste volume than other paper towel products.

Why Safe-Touch System?

The Safe-Touch System tissue dispenser with built-in trash receptacle is perfect for any facility where hygiene and washroom image is a primary concern. The dispenser is designed to be installed next to the restroom door, allowing users to grab a tissue, use it to hygienically open the door, and then throw the used tissue into the built-in trash receptacle. This amenity provides an all-in-one solution for helping users feel (and be) safe while also helping restrooms stay clean and maintain an uncluttered and polished appearance.


With a versatile design, the Safe-Touch System can easily be installed in any restroom, either recessed into the wall or surface-mounted.

  • 2-gallon waste capacity. Smaller tissues create less product waste with less paper volume.
  • Non-proprietary tissues are widely available.
  • Holds 560 tissues with 2 boxes for less frequent refilling and reduced waste.
  • Product complies with all ADA guidelines when installed properly.
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